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This midcentury modern sofa can be yours for a little over $100. (Christie’s)

Sneaky and snappily named, this chair was originally built by J.R. Bell and has since been turned into an art installation by art teacher John McAlpine and architect Robert A. Hodge, who both sell their creations in the show.

“It’s really not the chair itself, but people who buy it and are satisfied with it” McAlpine says of that original sofa, which is part of one of several items on display. (Gibson+Ives)

The first-floor furniture displays are arranged by genre. (Christie’s)

“My favorite section is all the contemporary art in it — so it’s great to have something to do in terms of hanging off the wall,” Hodge says. “There’s a table in here, as well as some sort of a wall art display. I have more contemporary pieces there, including some things by the artist Alex Tachibana.” (Gibson+Ives)

And at the center of a wall in the show are the two chairs from the furniture company L.L. Bean. “These were made by a local entrepreneur called David Lees in the 50s,” Hodge says. “It’s a nice example of why design doesn’t always make sense from a marketing perspective, but it’s been very durable.”

Here, the original chair and a replica made by David Lees have been restored. (Christie’s)

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“It’s a very good example of why I really like L.L. Bean,” Hodge says about the original of the reclining chair. “It’s just as beautiful as the one I’ve got in the show. The materials used are what we like to use, so it’s not just what you see in the show. It’s really a work-based piece.

“The fabric is very soft and supple,” he adds. “The fabric itself is actually a fabric that we use in the furniture industry, which has really great fabric strength. But it weighs like a big rock. But it gets really hot in here. And if you look at the fabric, it’s got a really fine and beautiful sheen to it. I guess when you see the furniture in this kind of light, you don’t notice that.” (Gibson+Ives)

And while there’s a ton of great

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What’s trending in crafts? – Woodworking Business For Sale In Canada
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