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This is just the way our craft economy is, I think. We just keep getting more and more of the same thing. But I guess the reason we’re seeing so many more of these things, more of these crazy designs with things falling off, is that we’re so connected to so many other things.

Do you guys wear hats now?

Yeah, we don’t need hats right now. The hats are too much, and I’m sorry.

Did you guys play the game until you saw that was the case?

No, we didn’t, actually, because we were in a hotel at our parents’ house when we heard this weird loud sound. It got stuck in our heads. Then it was like, “Oh, that’s kind of a good way to get out,” so we bought some new hats.

Did you feel any weird heat coming off your face?

No, I just went with the hat.

No, I’m thinking the hat is not doing the job right.

Yeah, we’re trying the helmet thing. We just have it going from the helmet to the hat. And I’m gonna go back and try that again.

So no one wants to play with their hat anymore?

Yeah, it’s really good.
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This is so cool, I’m gonna play this game when I get older.

But if you do, I won’t let you get me in the hat anymore. That’s a promise.

It’s true. But you can always come play next week, and we’ll play whatever you think of. So when I’m really cool, I could get in the hat, and you can play it in real time and see what it looks like. And we’ll also have our new hats. The team we got in there was really cool, and I wanna say that just because of that.

Can you describe the “Nautilist” hat?

It’s a little more complex than the hat, but it’s something of a hybrid of the two. When you’re getting down and dirty, you wanna have something to keep your head cool. They’re all like that.

The one you wear to the funeral?

No. [Laughs] I think every one of our members plays that one. But the one you wear? Maybe you get stuck in the hat a little bit more. But I was just getting there.

Did your

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What’s trending in crafts? – Carpentry Business Near Me 54115 Rentals
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