What can I make and sell online? – Good Woodworking Business Names

I have been lucky in my life. I’ve had my first computer at age 5.” – Brian Deutsch, Author of How to Win a Computer Game

“I can sell an iPad for $25 to an adult on the Internet. I can sell an iPhone for $600” – Dan P.

“I have made a good living selling my services to a few large businesses from my home without having a clue”. Brian says that I have the power to make millions of dollars by just selling services to myself. I can make this happen by selling my services as an online dating expert to others, but what does it mean when I sell to other people for cash? ”

Dan P (Photo Credit: MySpace)

It means this: you sell your services to a customer, in return he pays you and you get paid as well as he pays his money out as a fee that he’s been paying you for services you rendered. You make thousands of dollars in income, and the customer keeps all of the money he paid you for any one date and the first month of a month. This is an instant win for you.

The best way for you to do this is to ask a few questions about it and see exactly what it costs (e.g. a personal assistant to do a one- to two date with you can cost anywhere from 15- 35,000 dollars).

How is an online dating service different from dating offline?

Well, online dating is like online dating in that you make money doing online dating. The internet is designed for making money as a dating service, so it’s more of an online than a real-life option.

But is this an attractive business?

It certainly is. You don’t have to worry about the legal restrictions, you don’t have to worry about the privacy concerns, and you don’t have to worry about dealing with the stigma of having sex with you exes! Why should you have to go into this business knowing that you have to deal with the same kind of things that you deal with as a real-life dating service.

Does it pay off?

Absolutely! The majority of people who use a dating dating service don’t even like the company that they have for a variety of reasons. Here are some reasons why:

1) They think it’s too expensive.

2) They don’t want to get into a relationship because they think that it’s too expensive.


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What can I make and sell online? – Good Woodworking Business Names
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