How do I get around without a table saw? – How To Market Wood Products

First of all, the best plan is to get the table saw out of the way; otherwise, you risk damaging it. A table saw would be the fastest way to make these cuts and is especially good when you have one hand free (which you very well might have this year because you’ve never seen a table saw in the field). The first thing you will do is set up a template. It can be a plastic cutting board or a sturdy board that will act as the saw. The only limitation is the thickness of your cutting board. I recommend using 1/2″ plywood or equivalent for a small table saw or any cut you will do with a table saw. Your cutting board can also be any surface that can be cut with a table saw. I recommend buying a couple boards and mounting them on your workbench. In our example above, we used a 1/2″ x 1/2″ wood stock we had laying around, but any surface could be used (like a shelf, table, or a piece of scrap wood). As a note, if using a wood stock, be sure to use the correct thickness, you cannot use the wrong thickness. You can also use a thick board for your template, but for this project, a 1/2″ thick would work well and is more than long enough.

You now need to get your saw ready. We used some plastic saw blades that we had (I do not recommend a real knife, but this knife is great). Make sure you have your blade in good condition, because you’re going to be cutting into this board over and over again. Cut the blade to the exact thickness you desire for the job, this will help prevent gouging and chipping. Cut your first boards to the exact length you’re interested in having, and take extra care when you’re cutting them because you may cut into them in the process. Use a small, sharp pair of scissors to cut straight through your boards to make them as flat as possible for the table saw.

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Use the cut boards to cut your template. I cut mine using my table saw. I’m just using something that’s slightly larger than a 4×4 for my cut boards, which is the most common type on the market – and you can easily cut your template to the perfect length for your project. The best way to cut these boards is with the template, the table saw can’t cut straight through them and you need to make your cuts on the template. The second way is with a j

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How do I get around without a table saw? – How To Market Wood Products
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