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While the price of saffron in Spain is low, the quality of the spice varies. In particular, it is highly toxic in its natural form. So, to avoid the risk in your diet of poisoning and cancer from the toxic fumes of saffron, use a saffron mixture for cooking and salad dressings.

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The first step is always to make a list of your favourite flavours, you’ll need a list of your favourite flavours to choose from. Don’t like what any of the options list there? There are ways to combine them, try mixing a few spices and adding a splash of water with a few drops of lime and orange juice, then taste the results; you might find a sweet combination works best.

I also like to use some of the ingredients as “bulk” so that after making a dish, I can use all of it in the future.

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Is saffron cheaper in Spain? – Usa Saffron
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