How long do saffron bulbs last? – Saffron Flower Season

I don’t really know. I don’t use them very often and it seems they do last about 5 years.

Did you know saffron is naturally toxic? I have a friend who says a plant is not poisonous if it does not smell like a horse urine. I don’t know if that is true but I did not know that horses could smell something. Maybe they are attracted to the odors.

Is it a good idea to use saffron oil and/or saffron tea to treat ear boils? Yes, it is safe. But I believe its not always the best option because one should be looking for the best results possible. You want the best skin care product for your condition! You are free to use whatever products you like and there are so many options available to you today.

Can green tea reduce the risk of colon cancer? Yes, green tea is a known tumor promoter. It raises tumor proliferation and invasiveness as it raises blood vessel growth.

Is it a good idea to apply herbal supplements to make your pores tighter? Use the correct dosage. You don’t want to apply supplements excessively, but rather just enough to get adequate results. If you are looking for extra tightening of pores, you can try to supplement with a carrier oil like olive and olive oil. Olive oil can help tighten the skin.

Is the use of turmeric and green tea dangerous? Turmeric may have anticancer and antibacterial properties and green tea may help prevent cancer. But if you add turmeric to white wine it increases the blood levels which can cause nausea, dizziness, confusion and other problems.
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Can saffron be used in a diet by boosting the metabolism? Yes, saffron can boost your metabolism. You can eat saffron at almost every meal and it will help you get rid of excess food so you eat healthier.

Does an herb-based shampoo make your hair break? Yes, I have found herbs to be powerful hair care ingredients. The only thing in particular I use is dandelion, parsley, mustard and lavender. However, I do not recommend using the shampoo which contains the herb, peppermint because it contains menthol and can be irritate your eyes and throat.

Are there any medicinal uses for saffron? Yes, saffron can be used for a variety things like heart health. It can also help heal kidney problems. It is also often used in Oriental medicine to improve circulation in the body

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How long do saffron bulbs last? – Saffron Flower Season
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