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How can I make saffron tea again?

Does saffron have an ingredient which I would not get in a shop?

Saffron Tincture

It is a strong, sweet, strong smelling, alcoholic liquid. It is one of the only “vintage” teas. The saffron aroma is strongly concentrated in the oil of the saffron corm. The taste of saffron is very smooth, rich and almost like drinking saffron. People love it for its taste and aroma. A perfect drink for spring and summer.

What is called “Saffron Tincture”, you may ask? It is made by slowly adding the oil from the dried stalk of the corm.

Saffron tea does not contain sugar, it also contains no coffee or liquorice, no tea oil and also no tea powder. In fact, no extract of tea is added. Only the cumin and other natural ingredients are used for enhancing the delicate cumin flavour and aroma. Saffron tea does not have the smell of tea which is produced by tea-making. Instead, saffron tea is more closely related to the smell of an herbal perfume. It is the fragrance of some herbs which was introduced in India.

Saffron tea does not taste sweet and it is not a tea which can be drunk for its flavour alone. It is made of different herbs. To get the delicate taste, a different flavour is needed from the herbs for which it is made.

How much saffron leaves/stems/leaves may be used?

About 4 kilograms (10 pounds) of saffron leaves, 2 kg (4 pounds) of cumin seeds or 3.4 kilograms (6 pounds) of raw/chopped cumin seeds are used for a “normal” amount of saffron tea.

Saffron has a strong taste and aroma. And you get a lot of the cumin in saffron tea. It is an excellent herbal tea where the aroma of saffron is the main factor. It should be consumed between the evening and the morning in the evening, as it will be easier and less painful if the tea is drunk early. Also if you keep the tea in the refrigerator, it will last longer.

How much to use saffron water?

As saffron tea is mostly made from cumin leaves, the quantity of saffron water

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How do you multiply saffron bulbs? – Saffron Planting Zone
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