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The recent wave of news that there were multiple dead bodies in a house on the northwest side of Vancouver was so chilling that a Canadian woman decided to help the victims by bringing the news to the family by putting her own pictures on Facebook.

Vancouver resident Lisa Burdette, who posted the pictures on her Facebook page, told the Sun News Network that a young woman who had lived in the house with her parents decided to leave the house and see what was happening before she went outside.

Burdette reported that police officers quickly responded to the scene and, along with the occupants of the house, were able to determine that there was at least two dead bodies inside the home. There are no more details on what might have caused this.

The woman responsible for the Facebook post, who has not been identified, stated that the whole thing is a coincidence.

The woman who was responsible for the Facebook post posted this on Facebook.

According to the Sun News Network, police would not specify whether or not they suspected foul play at the home, or the fate of the victim.

The best football games don’t come easy, especially during the bye week. Every game is a struggle, and every mistake hurts you more than the one that went just like you imagined, but this is the best one yet. This team has come out alive, and they have shown that this team is as ready as anyone to challenge the Patriots in New England.

Sunday night, with the Jets ahead by seven, the Jets came out like the Seahawks should, using a defense that was at its most balanced and solid. They did a great job defending the run, limiting the damage to just 20 yards on 19 carries.

It is difficult to tell what the Jets were going to do with their running attack against a Patriots offense that has been the most reliable with the ground game, and they showed no signs of going for it. They were content letting the run game take the lead and take the pounding in the pocket. In the NFL, the quarterback must make his decision in the pocket. The Jets took a direct shot in the ribs by starting Josh McCown’s night, while a more conservative run game option might have left Ryan Fitzpatrick looking like he was going to face the Saints next week.

The Patriots run game is now just a question mark, and there is not a reason to believe that there will be no success against it. After facing Tom Brady for the second straight week, that is a big enough reason

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Why are feet pics a thing? – How Do You Earn Money On Youtube Videos
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