Why are feet pics a thing? – Description For Foap

We’ve never really done them in a regular fashion (they can be found here if you’re into that)… so we made a lot of different versions and designs. We have to say though that when someone asked why the feet were red we just had to reply that they are just a part of the overall aesthetic and the colours are very reminiscent of the actual red on your feet.

We’re very happy with the way they turned out. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us or we can do all the technical work for you.

FORT WORTH (KXAS) — A former San Antonio police officer faces manslaughter and assault charges related to his allegedly fatal shooting of a man during a drug raid in the San Antonio area.

On Friday afternoon, officers in the area responded to reports of a shooting. Responding officers found 24-year-old Christopher Jordan Walker, lying with multiple gunshot wounds inside of a house, which was reported at around 1:40 a.m.

“We believe the suspect was shot execution style,” said Lieutenant James Medina of the San Antonio Police Department.

Medina said officers were called to the address to serve an arrest warrant for a parole violation in a domestic dispute. While on the way to the house, officer John Travlos was dispatched to the scene. Travlos was working undercover with the North Precinct Narcotics Enforcement Team.

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After learning that several people were inside the house, Medina said officers approached the perimeter of the property and spotted 23-year-old Antonio De La Cruz holding a shotgun.

Medina said that officers immediately began negotiating with De La Cruz, who was holding a semi-automatic handgun, during which time several shots were fired at De La Cruz.

According to Medina, police did not know which gun was fired at officers because the shotgun was found near Walker. He said, “There’s no indication of who fired at who.”

Police began investigating the scene and began taking photos and videos of the inside of the house.

Medina said there could be additional people involved in the shooting and that Walker was not cooperative. An investigation began.

In the meantime, Medina said that De La Cruz would not be identified because the investigation is ongoing.

Medina noted that the investigation has been moved from the Northern Precinct office to the South Precinct office as the investigation continues. During this time, the house will be used as a crime scene for the investigation to take place

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Why are feet pics a thing? – Description For Foap
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