Who can see my photos on Facebook? – How To Sell Photos Online And Make Money In India

You probably can’t. A Google search can reveal a multitude of links to photos in which photos appear to have been taken from the site of one of the photos they posted, even though they haven’t been altered to remove the offending photos.

“You can’t post your picture there, in that case you’ll see the error message,” said Steeves.

A couple of examples show how easy it is. As we noted, the website of a Facebook user, “Joey B”, showed this image, along with the message this page was “not endorsed by Joey B. Sorry about that”.

As for “Bobby”, his Facebook page show his photos in their original context as well.

However, if the “Joey B” used a picture from his own Facebook page, he or she would see the message that was displayed.

What about an image?

If the original photo was taken from Facebook, it would contain a link that leads back to it on the web. So you could use the same link (and even delete it) in an otherwise-safe context on Facebook and be fine. Similarly, if the original photo was taken from a private webpage (and the creator doesn’t mind that you have it on the web) or from a public address at the front page or somewhere else on the web, you will see no error message.

Of course, just because a picture has an ‘allowed’ status on Facebook doesn’t necessarily mean you will get to see it.

What if I have photos on other sites that are more public in nature?

Just as with Google, Facebook uses algorithms to help police its website. “The way we work is that we only allow friends, not family members, people you follow on social media, people you view on mobile,” wrote Steeves. “We have a feature in our search field you can use to filter by whether or not it contains a picture, a name, a location or something.”

The question is what happens when a person uses this feature, perhaps to avoid being found “trolling”.

In a similar situation, the internet is full of photographs that were taken and uploaded to sites with similar titles but different photos of the same people. The web-browsing public might not be pleased with the apparent ‘trolling’ of this kind, but what’s important is that Facebook will do its best to police against such activity.

When an image is shared

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Who can see my photos on Facebook? – How To Sell Photos Online And Make Money In India
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