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Why did the name change from Images of the World to Images of the World Online and vice versa?

A new website would be more visible in search results and make more money for a website’s owner. Thus our name change. The new name was decided in early 2008 by a group of us (in no particular order) and we were the third to decide and we were all in favor of the new name.

What are some of the differences between all the images on the website, and how does one find them?

The web is an evolving place, so we are constantly changing and improving our sites. The images of the world collection are arranged for maximum clarity but also to promote an understanding of the world by sharing our photographs with world leaders including the President of the US, the Prime Minister of Canada, President of India, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, US Senator, United Nations Secretary General, UN Secretary General and UN General Ban Ki-Moon among other world leaders.

Our web site has the following features:

All images have a link to the individual images, so visitors to our web site can easily find the specific images they are looking for

Each image has a copyright information that is visible on both the original image and after downloading it
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Each image has a license section that will allow visitors to use these images for any purpose, including commercial applications

Each image is copyright © 2014-2016, Image-Matters.com, and is not to be used in any way under any circumstances

Each image is a JPEG image that can be opened in most modern image editors

Where do you keep all the images you’ve uploaded on the website?

We keep all of our images on our private cloud-hosted Amazon S3 storage servers. All of our images are only accessible through links in all navigation menus on the homepage.

Can you tell me how to download an image from your server?

If you are interested in downloading one of our images, you can do so by clicking on the image and then clicking here to visit the site. You can then use either a link to a page or simply click on the file name. Once downloaded, you will see the file size and date it was uploaded from the file download page. Additionally you can view the metadata of the file, which includes the image’s name, location, file size, title, and image’s type. This information includes the user agent,

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When did image manipulation start? – Do Lyric Videos Make Money On Youtube
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