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The new iPhone 8 has a new camera chip, the A11 Bionic, which has been described as not only a step up from the A9 chip but also a major upgrade over its predecessor, the A8. In that regard the chip is similar to the camera in Xiaomi’s Mi 5S and the camera for Apple’s new iPhone X. As expected the Bionic is said to support a f5.7 aperture aperture, and also a wider ISO sensitivity which will help to take higher quality pictures than the A11’s f4.0 aperture and 24 fps burst.

There’s no word as to whether the A11 Bionic will feature the same aperture or have an f-stop of 8, but it has been stated that the company will keep the f-stop at 8 to prevent overexposure – we can just imagine Apple using this to the advantage to take pictures in low light when possible and then using that in HDR mode. This could be crucial if they want to avoid taking overexposed shots of wildlife and still life photos.

Now that the A11 Bionic is on the market we can be certain that Apple are trying to improve on the iPhone 8’s camera, and we can assume that the same will occur on the iPhone IX once its announced. There’s only so many improvements one can make to a phone and we’re only starting to see the extent to which Apple will be going to improve the iPhone. So far we’ve seen improvements in the processing power of the processor, a better processor, and the addition of optical image stabilization but that’s not to say it’s an exhaustive list.

The A11 Bionic comes with a 14 MP front-facing shooter, 6 MP front-facing shooter and 8 MP in the back, and Apple promises that the rear camera will have 4K video recording support as well. It’ll support dual cameras in the same arrangement as the X – one with a telephoto focus and another with a wide angle lens.


Rajon Rondo has been on a hot streak since the All-Star break. (Getty Images)

The Boston Celtics have been in first place for half the season, but at the end of the first quarter Tuesday night against the New York Knicks, the two-time defending Eastern Conference champion squad had lost five of the last seven meetings.

But now, just hours before tipoff, they’ve rallied for a 102-91 victory over

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What’s trending in photography? – Adobe Stock Contributor
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