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The most important things to learn about Photoshop are the tools, the tools that you use, or the tools that the tools don’t even know, like filters. These can change your workflow, because you can make different filters available in the palette.

I also recommend going over editing. How the program works, how the layers work, how to change layer opacity – it’s very important.

Asking too many questions and not asking enough questions will get you in trouble.

What kind of computer is best?

You have to choose an individual one! Personally (I know) my old Macbook Pro was a great workhorse.

That’s because the quality the processor provided gave my files very good quality. The program will be better if the computer is more powerful, but for most people the Macbook Pro is worth while.

Where can I download tutorials?

This site has quite extensive tutorials, so I suggest going through them all.

What software do you download?

I use Adobe After Effects, but other programs work well as well.

What is the ideal software to do what you do?

This is hard to say for me. My workflow is very focused – I work with one image to create the background of my photo, and then I add details, and I make adjustments, then create the final image – it’s all very fast.

The image I’m interested in is made from many images – my work tends to be highly processed – it’s made in Photoshop, and there are lots of adjustments and adjustments at different times to get the result that you want.

When you go by these steps I guess that you need Adobe Creative Cloud.

One last word

You could probably do much more with After Effects than what you see here – it isn’t a magic program. You can try to find more, because the whole learning process (starting from the concept, to the image, to the final output) takes at least 20mins in my experience with no mistakes. Once you get to have a good workflow with After Effects, you can experiment with it and do as much as you want – it is not like Photoshop (where you’re very confined by the tools you have and where you’re restricted to a specific color palette to follow the rules).

In my opinion there’s more value in a “compositing tools” program, because for me it’s more about control and creativity than about a specific tool.

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What should I learn Photoshop? – Make Video Earn Money
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