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For one, the price is always cheaper: $10 and that’s not including postage. And then there are the benefits to a photo stock that doesn’t need to worry about copyright. You can make stock photos available to your clients who are less interested in copyright.

For example, for a designer who needs something for their client’s own portfolio, Shutterstock makes this photo available for sale directly from Shutterstock’s client. If you are a high-end photographer who makes a great portfolio, you can get free photo prints, or better yet, use your portfolio to draw customers in to buy prints. I use Shutterstock stock to make the photos for my clients. The photos can be sold directly to individuals or to institutions for corporate image rights purposes.

What can you expect after you sell your stock images?

If you sell images directly from Shutterstock, you can expect higher profit margins. If you’re just selling your artwork to others in the design or business fields, the return may be less lucrative since people tend to buy the images for their original value and not for their profit potential.

If you sell your stock images to your clients, you can expect to receive a steady revenue from royalty services. If you’re a large corporation that also uses stock images to drive brand awareness, you can expect to get royalties for every sale of your stock image.

How can I get my stock images in stock on Shutterstock?

Once you sell your files, you have the opportunity to sell your stock images back to Shutterstock via a royalty license agreement. Here’s an example of such an agreement.

A royalty license fee might begin at $75 or more per image plus the amount we receive for it if you sell it in stock to our users.

If you sell your stock images back to Shutterstock, we will send the royalty share in advance of royalty payments in the form of a preapproved invoice or invoice notification.

What’s the deal with Shutterstock’s royalty fees?
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The fees are based on the number of images and the number of shares you sell. Here’s an illustration of the prices that you can expect to earn.

If you sell ten images and each is valued at $1,100, you will make $1,200 in fees and receive $1,200 for each image sold.

If you sell five images and each is valued at $5,000, you will make $2,600 in fees, receive $1,600 for each image sold and receive $5,

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Is it worth selling photos on Shutterstock? – Youtube Funny Videos Make Money
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