Is it worth getting a degree in photography? – Dreamstime Contributor

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Photojournalism is a highly specialized field, usually requiring a background in art (photography is an exception) to complete. Some people have said that being a photojournalist is better than a law school degree because it’s easier to get employment, but this is subjective. It’s all relative.

I’m glad you mentioned the law degrees. You’re absolutely right, photography is a highly specialized field and a law degree is not only superior, but often much more difficult. In contrast, being a photojournalist requires a background in art, something that doesn’t necessarily apply to other career paths.

Let’s be honest; if you’re reading this, chances are very good that you have taken or would take part in some type of photography event (whether photography event, public art installation, photography festival, etc; even if it’s just for fun). If you’re a non-photographer, your experience and knowledge on photography events are probably limited to the last five years. If you’re a photojournalist, your experience and knowledge are likely decades in the making.

There are many benefits a law degree has, such as being able to become a judge and/or jury member, gain expert experience, obtain a license to practice law (and if that happens, become licensed in your field), and/or gain knowledge to expand your career options.

If you go for graduate school, you’ll find this out in advance. So you may as well get one while you can.

If you do graduate from law school, keep in mind that law school will be the first step toward getting a real job. Even if you’re lucky and land a good job with a large corporation, this is probably not the path you want to follow. So start working right away while you have the time, because you may never get a real job in photography — especially with the high cost for legal services.

When it comes to photography, your first job for a big corporation will likely be working for a freelance photographer on his or her freelance business. As a result, you will not be making all of your money from photography — even if one of your colleagues pays the rent, you may not be getting paid for taking pictures for their own personal use. Therefore, your first job as a professional photographer should be shooting for yourself and you should be saving your money to take care of you and your family if this is the route you decide to go down. You can take out as much as you will want

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Is it worth getting a degree in photography? – Dreamstime Contributor
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