Is it legal to sell photos of your feet? – How To Make Money On Youtube Videos

When you take photographs of your feet, you have to follow these rules:

You can: Take photos of yourself in public on any street or public place you choose, and you can take the pictures with or without your feet. Make sure none of the pictures are pornographic or offensive. You can: Identify yourself to all, including people you don’t know. Make sure you’re being visible and not hiding your nudity. Make sure you’re not exposing your feet by using the camera. Make sure you’ve made good-faith efforts not to be in the photo.

Do you have to buy any shoes?

A man who sells photos of his feet to other men is considered a lewd person. So be careful who you let photograph your feet. And don’t let anyone else photograph your feet.

The video you posted is in the public domain unless it is published: The copyright owner has made it available to all to copy. You have all the permission to use and copy it. If any part of the video was ever published, the copyright owner had the right to stop the publication of the video.

This video is not in the public domain. This could be a crime because: To prevent the publication of something, you need to have the copyright.

You cannot make a claim of copyright

The owner may be dead (see who is entitled to copyright in a video, including videos on the web and in movies and tv shows)

A person has rights over his material

A video cannot be reproduced

You can ask someone else to make it illegal to reproduce or reproduce for private use

The copyright owner may sell or otherwise use the video

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Is it legal to sell photos of your feet? – How To Make Money On Youtube Videos
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