How do you take product photos? – Smugmug Pro

Using multiple exposures, I try to “lighten” the background by using a wide, shallow depth of field. I don’t do super wide settings! I’m a little too focused on the foreground. I tend to shoot a couple of images a minute, with at least three to four exposures. Also, I tend to get out my phone and take three or four photos then save the ones that get “great” ratings in Google Photos. After I’ve got a few that I feel are great, I usually keep them until I get a few more to share.

What is the best kind of tripod?

I use a “tripod” camera. This is like a tripod with a little camera mounted around the camera. It comes with a camera grip on it, which allows me to easily manipulate the camera by pulling on the grip. If I get more serious about shooting, I’ll probably buy a “tripod” with a better camera grip and a better frame that I can carry more easily. I don’t use a zoom lens on my tripod, I can only zoom in to about 1/8th inch to get close and fast exposures.

Do you think there is an easier light to get on your photos if you were to use a higher or lower ISO in Photoshop? Are you thinking of using something a lot smaller?

Yes, an easier photo would be to use a more accurate “sensor” to pick up the light more accurately. If I get a better one, I’ll definitely post it on Photobucket as well.

I’m guessing you do a fair amount of shooting indoors in urban areas and on city streets and can tell us a little bit about why you prefer shooting this way?

Yes, mostly because I don’t have time to spend looking at the camera before I take a shot. A more accurate sensor will make my images more “true to life” as well as more detailed, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to make someone else make my photos. 🙂

Can you imagine trying to get the images you shoot to show something like a fire on your car window?

I think most of us don’t know when we’re in a real life situation how big that fire is or how hot it’s going to be. Also, how close to the vehicle the people are or who’s in that situation are pretty important in deciding the best shot. Also, when the fire is in the rear view mirror and you’re trying to

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How do you take product photos? – Smugmug Pro
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