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One of our clients, and a lot of her work, has a photography portfolio which is very strong. She gets great feedback and she’s been very open with her portfolio so we encourage her to let us know how she develops her portfolio and how she works. Because she’s done a lot photography work over the years and it’s really her portfolio. Then we work with her to develop her photography style, to work with her in any direction she wants, really. Not all of our clients have a camera, so we work with them to get access to their lens for them. Then we also work with them on that, working with their equipment and then working with our friends. And then working on their website to work with their clients, making it accessible.

And then, the beauty and the beauty of what I bring to my work, if it sounds to many people strange, is I have no idea how to develop them. Which is really not my nature, so it’s all done in my head, which is why it’s kind of beautiful and unusual to me that people believe me when I say I have no interest in developing work – I actually like to develop work. I want to evolve a style in a style that works best for me. I love developing work. It’s part of my DNA.

And also part of her DNA, just to get some images out there that aren’t all of one style. I find a lot of images to be great and beautiful and great images that people have really made incredible pieces of work that I want to play with, but it’s one style that just has a bunch of images. I want to look at different styles and have different approaches and then I’ll probably make one work that looks really good, and it doesn’t have to be perfect.

With what you’ve done with photography, you’ve really come out of the shadows.

This photo is actually an example of getting really good images from very bad lighting, and it was really bad lighting. It was in a warehouse. It was a very hot environment. It was summer time in the warehouse where they worked and there were all these people working. That day was definitely pretty harsh. It was like a real, really tough image. It’s actually a great, good image, the result of an idea in my head after seeing a series of images that’s pretty much the same, but I wanted to get some more unique images and do something different with it. That image was a great moment.

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How do you create a photography portfolio? – Make Money Sharing Pictures
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