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I’d love to know. If you post your photographs on the web, the Copyright Act does not grant any rights to copyright.

All copyright is the right of the owner. You cannot claim ownership rights in somebody else’s work.

Copyright is a legal concept where a copyright holder will give away a work of art. The photographer is considered the owner of the work, whether his or her own or through the ownership of others, for a range of reasons. For example, copyright holder may have paid a photographer for the rights to use their work, they may have licensed a business to use their work, they may have created a work of art, and so on.

The photographer may have the rights to do the photography themselves. If this is the case, the photographer may claim the copyright as the photographer in the work, as well as the right to use the work to sell their work.

In other cases, copyright owners may be able to claim copyright ownership of their work. This is true where a photographer paid money to a photographer, the photographer owns the copyright to the photograph, and the photograph was developed and then published. This works out to a fair share, where a photographer gives 50% or more of the profits of the photography to the photographer or the photographer uses the photography as an advertisement for a product.

Sometimes copyright holders may be able to claim a royalty from the photographer for certain uses of the photograph.

Example of the above situation:

You make a photo of a person holding a baby in a baby carrier. You send the photo to a friend for publication for sale. The photographer licenses the photograph.

Now your friend wants to sell you the image for use in another work. Instead of licensing the photo to the original photographer for commercial-use, you license it to the original photographer for promotional use only.

Both parties are happy with the arrangement, and the final payment for your work includes a percentage of the profit the photographer receives from the sale of the publication of the photograph.

The above example could also apply to someone selling you a work for use in a book; the book is already in the publisher’s possession and is for sale, and the copyright owner has already given you exclusive use of the photograph. The copyright holder is able to claim a royalty on copyright holders for the profits derived from that publication.

Copyright holds no rights over people, their houses or cars, and the Copyright Act does not limit the rights of others to use

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How do you copyright your photos? – Upload Image Earn Money
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