How do I print high quality? – How To Make Money Online By Posting Videos

It’s possible to print high quality with only basic skills. There are many tutorials that teach you how to print a high quality object, but it’s actually quite simple!

1. Select your file type

Since you are printing on a laser printer you can select your file type. Choose 2D or 3D depending on the size you want. For most 3D models this is usually:


.stl or .stl, or maybe .zip (zip files are not as good). Choose a file type that you will be able to use! Usually people want to see an STL of their object to be printed with.

.stl is really only necessary if you plan to print an object with a large print area.

2. Choose the layers

If you are printing with more than one filament, you have to choose how large each layer is going to be. Since each filament is a little different you may choose 1 layer, 6 layers, and so on. Select the layer sizes that most closely match the print. Make sure to select the right layer for the print you are making!

3. Select your material (resin, plastic, wood, rubber, steel, etc.)

If you want to use resins you have to choose which material you’d like to use. The resin and resins work very differently, so you have to read the instructions (as well as any recommended tutorials) to get it right, otherwise your object will not print. For example, most ABS would probably be a better material to use for this project. To print an ABS object you would choose to use either PLA or ABS resins. Depending on the material you choose, you may have to print in multiple layers, but you will be able to print any object with any material because each material has its own strength.

4. Print!

When you decide what material to use make sure you set your extruder to the correct type! You may need to print the plastic one to the left of the metal one. If we were still working on a model, we’d have to use one extruder to print the metal one. The best thing to do is use multiple material extruders (3D Printer, Filament Maker, or Laser Printer, Laser Printer is not recommended since it takes forever to move the plastic). Make sure the filament goes from your nozzle out to the plastic layer. It is normal for the plastic to

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How do I print high quality? – How To Make Money Online By Posting Videos
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