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For the second time in a year, a high school teacher of the past has returned to teach at the same school.

On Aug. 31, 2014, a senior citizen named Joseph Ettor returned to New Beginnings Middle School on a special mission. This time, it was to take part in a workshop called “Teachers Can Play a Role” to help new teachers, including those with limited English skills.

But, in some ways, the trip wasn’t as much of a surprise. The day before Joseph’s trip, he was a guest of honor at “Teachers Can Play a Role” at the same middle school where, a year earlier, he had been on a mission trip to the same school.

“After seeing the same people in the same place, and seeing what we’ve accomplished, and the importance of teaching in a place like New Beginnings,” Joseph said at the time, “I feel like we are closer and able to be a bridge between our two schools.”

After being recognized at the workshop the day before, Joseph asked if he could leave his school clothes back in the locker and head to his home in North Carolina. He and his wife, Sarah, would then make their way across the country to the East Coast to make a commitment to the church in Baltimore.

On Friday, Joseph was home and making that commitment to the church in Baltimore.

This time, the church in Baltimore has an open door policy for those who feel uncomfortable about attending. In the past, there have been no restrictions for anyone to attend.

That same day, as Joseph was driving to Baltimore, he passed some of his New Beginnings classmates on a bicycle. They didn’t have bags or anything else to hide.

“We can just be here — we can stay,” said one of the classmates on Saturday morning. “It doesn’t matter if we’re going to the church — they really welcome anybody.”

Joseph says he had no reservations or concerns that Sunday might be difficult. “I knew the first two nights would be hard,” he said.

What Joseph doesn’t have is a family member who has been a teacher. He knows his parents aren’t teachers, but, unlike other kids attending schools like New Beginnings, they have a solid job.

“My parents have

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Can you make money on Shutterstock? – Ways To Make Money Selling Photos
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