Can I make money with Photoshop? – Making Money From Shutterstock

Can I make money selling my work on Amazon?

Will Photoshop or any commercial software be banned?

If you are an artist and are wondering something at this point, or if you’re wondering something else but are unsure, here’s a brief list of ways to get your works seen and in print.

1. Send it to an art galleries or bookstores.

The easiest way to start the discussion is by using this link to send copies to local art gallery or book stores.

2. Use the Google Preview tool.

You can use Adobe Photoshop to do a quick overview to see your work in a larger format like PDF. You can use Google to check if the web page has been indexed by Google. See this link to see if Google has a Google Image view.

If your work does not have Google image search index, you can make searches on your own to see if others have your work indexed. Just follow these steps.

Note: You will need to remove the title page and add text to the end to show Google you are using Google.

Step 1: Search Google

Step 2: Remove the link to the work

Step 3: Add to Google Image Search index

3. Submit your work to galleries or bookstores using E.L.L.T.A.

If you have a professional book or gallery, you probably do everything you can to avoid having your work featured. A few companies even won’t show your work if you have a website or don’t include the title page on each page of your book. If you have an unlisted, small or local book shop or gallery, check it out. You might get asked by a publisher or agent if you have permission to do something, or if they have an artist who would like your work featured in their event. Most book book shops will offer a space free of charge. (See this link for info on booking a booking space.)

4. Sell it on eBaum’s store, Amazon or other sites online.

Use a website, blog, or similar tool. If you have a website, have your books listed on your site by linking your eBooks to the Google Preview page where people can view and download your PDFs.

If you have an e-book on your website, get your book sold on, Barnes & Noble or other book retailers on or other sites on the internet. This is

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Can I make money with Photoshop? – Making Money From Shutterstock
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