Are Facebook photos public property? – How Do U Make Money Off Youtube Videos

Yes. No. In short, yes. It is an open, public database on everyone’s profile picture.

You can download a photo with your name and password, but Facebook does not store your information.

What are you supposed to do when you see someone’s photo? Post it on Facebook, not on the photo-sharing site. Facebook doesn’t store the URL for the photo, so if you see someone’s photo online, go ahead and share it. (Of course, don’t click the link and then forget about it.)

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First, Facebook has become known for privacy concerns. I understand the site’s business model, but sharing photos with strangers with no expectation of privacy raises concerns that the Facebook of today is at least two steps removed from the Facebook of the future. To protect your privacy, don’t participate in events where you can’t see and interact with a photo after a certain time period. Facebook also allows members a limited amount of time to share pictures in exchange for advertising fees—which you shouldn’t pay to see those photos.

And if you do have a “friends invite” button that you’re using, you have no idea if another person has been invited and no way to report it. If an invite pops up by default, don’t reply until you have confirmed it. Remember, it is not uncommon for “friends of friends” to have a different invite. You may be invited to a party, a dinner or a friend’s birthday. That’s OK. You should still report the invite as it appears on their profile as a violation of Facebook policy.

Lastly, if you choose to share a photo, you should ensure you’re uploading your photo not your personal information. Facebook’s privacy policy explicitly says that a photo must not contain personal information. That might include the user’s date of birth, gender, email address or other information used to identify the user.

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P.S. In case the Facebook photo you’re seeing has a “no account” icon, Facebook requires a valid email address or password—which may or may not have your phone number. Your Facebook phone number has nothing to do with the email address you type in.

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Are Facebook photos public property? – How Do U Make Money Off Youtube Videos
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