Month: September 2020

How do photo editors make money? – How To Make Money Online Using Videos

The truth is the editors don’t make money on every photo editor’s work. There’s a lot of guesswork involved and, because each photo editor has a different portfolio approach, different costs, different marketing budgets, and a different process, every photo editor’s rate is slightly different. So, when you’re trying to figure out what rate you […]

Is it worth getting a degree in photography? – Dreamstime Contributor

Photojournalism is a highly specialized field, usually requiring a background in art (photography is an exception) to complete. Some people have said that being a photojournalist is better than a law school degree because it’s easier to get employment, but this is subjective. It’s all relative. I’m glad you mentioned the law degrees. You’re absolutely […]

How do photo editors make money? – Sell My Photos Online For Money

The easy answer is: they make money by charging for photos. And the easy answer is: they’re using technology, as Facebook and Instagram proved so spectacularly, to make money. But just because they’re using technology, doesn’t mean they should get paid the same as anyone else. “It gets tricky when you’re looking for an independent […]

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