Why do humans move their arms when they walk? – Easy Magic Tricks Videos

The primary role of those large muscles in the human body is to control our balance and to help balance ourselves at each step. When we walk, our legs and back remain motionless. When we have to balance our feet on one knee or another, we need strong muscles to keep the other leg from moving, and we need muscles in our neck to help hold the posture of our body as we turn our head to face the ground.

However, a lot of humans think they can just flex their shoulder blades, but it doesn’t work like that. The shoulder muscles have to maintain the position of our upper body while we bend our arms and then retract. It can also be very dangerous for the shoulder joints if you have a weak neck or arms. There’s also the problem of a low level tension on the back of your neck when you bend your arms.

If you really want to get an idea of the effect that posture can have on your posture in general, try this trick. First, take a paper towel and dip it into ice water. Dip it in the middle, then dip the end of the towel so that it lies flush with the surface. Now go to the refrigerator and place the towel on the top of the fridge so that it sits up straight. Keep the other end of the towel as close as possible to your stomach as possible. Keep your posture relaxed and still. You will see that after a time your towel is up on your back.

This can feel extremely freeing for any sitting and standing human.

Can my spine and spine injuries be caused by poor posture?

Many people think that their spine health problems will be corrected if they change their posture. However, it is very unlikely for your spine and spine injury problems to increase through changes in your posture.

The most common causes of poor posture in people who have no trouble with their body shape/size are:

Poor shoulder alignment (either with our bodies or through an incorrect balance or posture)

Osteoporosis – due to bone breakage or poor overall care and lifestyle

Progressive joint disease – arthritis and tendinopathy – most often on either sides of the spine, but especially in the elbows and knees.

These problems are much more likely to cause problems of poor posture rather than poor spine health.

The spine and spine mobility of those living in Western countries is often compared to a roller coaster. Many people will find it easier to sit and stand on a roller coaster

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Why do humans move their arms when they walk? – Easy Magic Tricks Videos
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