Who is the first magician in the world? – Magic Tricks With Cards For Beginners In Hindi

I don’t believe in miracles… I have a feeling there is something more to the matter!

Why would they want to do this??

Why would a magician do this??

Who is the first magician? This person has done this! That’s why they are doing this!! The first magician here will certainly appear with his or her power to save everyone!

If there was no one who knows how to summon a magic stone, then the first magician will definitely appear now, right? But…

The next moment, there was a voice…

The voice said: “The first magician is here! The first magician is here! I shall become the hero of the era of the first magician.

-Kazumi’s Party?

-This person is called… Kazumin!?

-And… this person…!? Kazumi!?


-Hm? A strange voice came out from inside of the room.


-A voice calling out to the person inside. This is not someone at random!!

-Hm? I did not hear anything…!

-Hm? This… Is this…?

-This is not an accident!?

-What exactly is going on!?

-What!? There’s someone else inside of this room!?

-Is that… the voice for Kazumi!?

-I have seen this person before… but… this person is quite powerful!?

-Oh no…? Oh no… What do I do!?

-What will everyone do?!

This person is like a giant in the game… It’s hard to believe the other is alive!

I’m not going in that person’s room alone!


This is a person… who was alive in the past…

-This is the one who summoned a magic stone to a certain person…


I saw… a person who looked like her!

-Is this the girl who summoned the magic stone to Kazumichi…?

-I thought that person was Kazumi… but I did not think that she looked as she does now… so I did not think it was the same person..

-…So this is… this can’t be her…!?

-Ah! This is…!? This is… This is…!?

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Who is the first magician in the world? – Magic Tricks With Cards For Beginners In Hindi
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