Who is the best magician in the world? – Magic Trick Saw Person Half Revealed

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The best magician in the world is Jack the Ripper! That is a fact.

You may think his name is Jack, but it isn’t. He is Jack the Ripper. Not Jack the Ripper the man. Jack the Ripper is the name he is called by the killer’s accomplices.

The word “Jack” came to be derived from the French word, j’espère, meaning “to look.” Some scholars even trace a tradition of calling the killer “j’espère” to refer to his unusual appearance.[3]

In 1875, the artist Joseph Hayman gave the name Jack the Ripper his own style and gave the killer his trademark red hair. Soon after, other authors began to draw his likeness. By 1896, Jack the Ripper had earned the nickname “Jack the Ripper, the first truly dangerous murderer in Western Europe.” [4]

Some critics argue that “Jack the Ripper” is a pseudonym, the name chosen to mask the true killer because it gives the killer a kind of glamour. This criticism is countered by some other scholars who argue that Jack the Ripper, the name that the killer uses, is a natural name given to him by his victims.

The murderer, after all, is the one who calls the shots.[5]

Jack the Ripper was also called Jack the Pickpockets,[7] Jack the Lizards, Jack the Skippers,[8] Jack the Skipper[7] and Jack the Blond.[8]

Jack the Ripper was born in London on February 24, 1888. He is believed to have killed four women by January 17, 1888;[9] this estimate is based off statements made by witnesses such as William Pitt, his accomplices, and eyewitnesses. His final victims were Jane Phillips, Mary Alice Roberts, and Irene Shaw.[7] However, in one of his final statements, written on January 17, 1888, after he was shot, Jack the Ripper spoke of being able to take a woman home without any resistance. [10]

When asked if Jane Phillips could have carried off his victims without being captured by police, Jack the Ripper replied “I wouldn’t mind so much either. Some day I can get at a girl, I’ve seen it in this country. I’m more than capable of it. It does not depend upon whom I pick up. Just as much as who I pick up,

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Who is the best magician in the world? – Magic Trick Saw Person Half Revealed
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