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Well, we do know that one of the earliest uses of wot (or, to give its proper English spelling, wot is a noun) is in a poem entitled The Witches-Song of the Bards which begins with what sounds like a sentence from the Bible:

“There are many who hold the witchcraft of the witches, / That they shall bewitch thy soul to death, / That they shall have no pleasure in thee; / That the Witch’s blood shall poureth all my house / Into a heap, when we see that the tide beginneth.” – the book of Proverbs by the Rev. Edward William Taylor and the Bards of Canterbury (1377)

Now what is wot not, other than the word witchcraft? The word witch has always been treated as some sort of demon, or evil spirit, which the ancient Celts thought belonged to certain creatures called norns or lindemes, who lived in darkness without a body. These evil spirits came from the underworld, where they were said to be held and commanded by a being called norn, and who sat on the topmost of the five hills of heaven and ruled over that realm, or the norns. It is tempting to think that the Celts were simply mistaken about the nature of witchcraft – that the word witch has a Latin origin. In fact, the Celts were of course mistaken. The norn is the only name for a demon in Latin, and the term witch has an entirely different meaning. The term wot in Old English was the name given to certain norns and lindems. The word was derived from the root words wor, which denotes “to bewitch; to frighten”, and norn, which denotes “to dwell”. The use of the word norn as a noun has long since been forgotten, but the concept of a soul dwelling in the Underworld has not. Today the word wot carries a number of meanings. Some translations have it referring to a femalevolent spirit, as opposed to a spirit of good luck (or in the case of Latin-speaking cultures, to a malevolent spirit). The most common translation is “a person who goes to harm or to mischief.” In this sense, witchcraft is a type of magic. It is the belief that the gods themselves have a will or command over humans and that they will use human beings as human shields to prevent harm to them.

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In another sense, the word may refer to a creature that wanders the

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When was the word witch first used? – Youtube Easy Magic Tricks For Kids
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