What was magic? – Magic Tricks With Cards Youtube

After much deliberation; after long deliberation, she arrived at the only reasonable conclusion.

She realized the meaning of what she had just said to the group.


“What is it?”

“Everyone. What is magic?”


Everyone instantly jumped in surprise.


“Why is that?”

“Magic, isn’t that a different kind of power?”

“You’re saying that we’re not capable of magic? I can’t believe what you’ve just said right now, Sistina. I feel like there’s a huge error in you.”

“This is a bit embarrassing, but that was the reason why those three girls were fighting. A magic… isn’t that something you’d use against monsters?”

“But, isn’t it impossible for me to do that with that? Do you guys have any proof?”


Sistina put to rest the suspicion on her and turned her attention back to Soma.

And thus, one can see that Sistina’s strength has grown considerably. To begin with, the fact that she has mastered the art of 《Fireworks》 and 《Wind Dance》 has now grown even further. She knows all her spells much better now, like how to control them in precise and precise times.

This is something that she wanted at least to confirm.

“I’m sorry about that, Soma-sama.”

In the past, when Soma was at the training center, Sistina used a fake magic spell to deceive Soma and make him question the strength of the other disciples.

She used this magic so that Soma and his sisters wouldn’t get any harm if they fought with monsters.

“It’s nothing really. I’ve only made you think that I was doing that so I wouldn’t have to train you.

“Is that so… Well, I’ll try my best.”

Soma, who had turned around to face her, gave a smile.

His face was not as scary as before.

It turned out, Soma did not lose his composure just because he has a girl as a partner. That was the reason for his calmness. Because of that, his confidence was restored with ease.

When they saw Soma smiling, the women smiled as well

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What was magic? – Magic Tricks With Cards Youtube
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