What is the oldest magic organization? – Magic Trick Revealed Levitation Trick

The oldest magic organization is the S.I.E.’s [Secret Intelligence Agency]. It’s older, because they are still living, but now there’s also the A.E.L.I. [Armed Forces Intelligence Agency] and also the W.I.N. [World Intelligence Network].

When we think about magic, the first thing that come to our mind are the ancient Egyptians. After that, we go to the Greeks, and then the Norse [magicians], and then even the Chinese [who believed their spells were more powerful than conventional spells]. The reason is the Egyptian records of magic were much easier to decipher than, say, the writings of Chinese monks. This was because the Chinese were only literate in about the middle of the 1st century BC, and the ancient Egyptian records were in a very rough state of preservation.

What’s your opinion of China’s modern magic?

I think they’ve got a really good magic. They’ve had magic all their lives. The one thing they never did was go back and re-do the magic system itself. They have great records of magic, and for that reason, they’re not afraid to let people experiment with it.

How do you believe magic works?

Magic exists as a system of symbolic rules that are written into the universe in this realm. If you look at the world up before the Flood – with Noah’s Ark and all that – it took a long time for any of those stories to be passed down to us. And if you think about what it would mean if an entire society with a really advanced magic had survived in the first place [even 10,000 years ago], it would mean that the civilization had progressed to an advanced, higher level of organization.

How long did the Earth have to have been around for such a civilization to exist?

The Earth was a tiny speck in the universe at the time of the start of life – so a little bit more than 10 billion years ago – and the universe only formed about 4 or 5 billion years ago. It didn’t take another 250 million years for the first civilizations to form.

What if there’s an Ancient Red Queen?

I don’t mean that there are Ancient Red Queens everywhere. There aren’t. In fact, in this whole universe there might be only 100,000 people with an advanced understanding of magic.

How are modern societies different from the ancient ones?

I think that,

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What is the oldest magic organization? – Magic Trick Revealed Levitation Trick
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