What is Teller’s first name? – Easy Magic Tricks That Impress

Teller is Teller.

When was Teller born?

November 29, 1957 in the suburbs of New York City.

How old was Teller when he became the world’s Greatest Cosmographer in 1969?

32. Teller used to go out and get his wife and children out of the house around 4 AM.

If he could go back in time to see what he was doing when he was a teenager in 1957, what would he do differently?

Teller thinks he should have graduated at 16 rather than 17 rather than 18.

When Teller was young, what did he think about the Beatles’ music?

Teller thought their music was good.

What happened in 1963?

Teller went for a short run in Las Vegas to celebrate and the crowd began cheering wildly.

Who was the first woman Teller saw at the Metropolitan Museum of Art?

The first woman Teller ever saw was a young woman, a dancer, who was a friend and who Teller had never seen before.

Do you think Teller could have grown up to be a professional artist?


Where is Teller’s portrait of Adolf Hitler hanging in his garage?

It’s inside a box he left in his garage.

What makes Teller’s signature signature the best?

It is made of gold foil.

Teller’s favorite quote is, “Be a good person for once and try to make the other person happy.”

How would he spend his day if he could go back into time and see his first career, if it were in the 1920s and he had to choose which of his two jobs he would choose?

Teller would start by telling his wife his feelings. Then, they would get the door open, go inside and spend a few minutes making sure he was happy. Then they would leave. Then they would get up and go back into the house again, and try to make it look both happy and as nice as they could make it for him at that moment.

Teller’s favorite movie is, “Cocoon.”
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If you could travel back in time with a few things from your life what would they be and why?

A great life jacket. A great set of swimming goggles. A great watch you’ve never had on your wrist.

If you could go back in time with the other participants

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What is Teller’s first name? – Easy Magic Tricks That Impress
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