Is telekinesis a real thing? – Cool Magic Tricks To Learn Just Hands And Feet

Yes. The brain can create a forcefield to ward off evil spirits. And it can also telekinetically lift objects and people. The phenomenon could be considered some sort of teleportation. Telekinesis is a kind of mental power that involves the mind. It’s something that is practiced in some of the best countries from all around the globe: Russia, Australia, Ireland, the US. In Canada, it is known as telekinesis, and in Brazil it is called a maserada, which is a sort of Telekinetic Touch (or Psychic Touch) (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

Is telekinesis dangerous?

Yes! Telekinesis can be done in a scary ways, but it is not necessarily dangerous. Just don’t do it on someone that you don’t know well, as if you did telekinesis on them, you would not know they’d been telekinetically lifted into the air and thrown from the roof of the building they are in. However, doing Telekinesis on someone of the opposite sex (in other words, to lift them) is completely forbidden.

Is telekinesis harmful?

Yes, it is harmful. That is why it is not always done as a prank, but more than that, it is always done to save someone, and usually to help one another. But if someone does it badly, it can also become dangerous and even fatal (especially if it involves you, because then you will die!). People usually try to have fun in situations like these, but sometimes they cause harm. For instance, people can easily fall and hurt their legs on the hands of a guy that just telekinesis lifted them into the air like this.

Is Telekinesis legal to do?

Yes, it’s quite legal. But not everyone can actually do it, and sometimes people try to do it without a license, and this is forbidden.

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Is telekinesis a real thing? – Cool Magic Tricks To Learn Just Hands And Feet
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