Is levitation possible by human? – How To Do Simple Magic Tricks Cards Advanced

Yes, it is. Levitation from the human body – and it is possible, in fact, and you may have already heard of a man who died in America and was found floating on the ground, a man who was taken to the hospital but could not be revived. All of the medical doctors who studied and treated him were convinced he was still floating because they had not the strength to raise him.

Then a woman – a beautiful woman who lived the same way as you – decided to give her body a try and she did it at home and her body, which was not in good condition, levitated beautifully, then it got lost. The woman survived and it turned out she had had some severe trauma and her body couldn’t be saved.

Are levitation people of other races? –

Yes, all humans are subject to levitation.

I was in France and I found what looked like a man flying. And then I went to a doctor in France and I told him that it looked like a man flying. Then I visited another doctor – he said it was his idea, and I said, well –

Did you try levitation yourself? –


You tried to levitate before? –


What do you think of it now? –

I say it looks fantastic. I think it is not a scientific thing. I am just an ordinary man who is fascinated by it.

Have you ever seen a human take off and fly over Europe? –


What do you think of that? –

Well, I am very happy they didn’t bother me and took me for a ride around the world, because it looks fabulous.

But I can’t just go around the world, can I? Is that possible? –

Well, yes, but it is not really very practical.

Have you ever seen a human take off in a flying machine and fly over the United Kingdom? –
How is levitation performed on the street | Magic tricks ...


I suppose we had a big airplane flying over Europe when I was there. It wasn’t really useful because it was so high and the altitude was so low that it looked like someone was flying through clouds.

And it seems that I am not the only one who could have done a flyover. In America you see people flying over. And in Mexico, too –

Yeah, you see the balloons. Well, a couple of years

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Is levitation possible by human? – How To Do Simple Magic Tricks Cards Advanced
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