How does David Blaine do his magic? – Easy Magic Tricks To Do With Playing Cards

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His work includes the annual Burning Man festival in Black Rock City, Nevada, a two-season Burning Man festival held every September in central Nevada, in a town called Zilker Park, and an 11-month multi-city tour in 2012 – a 10-day journey through the American West, culminating in the famed Sonoran Desert. He’s also the co-founder of the Desert Solstice Festival, which is also held in California twice a year.

It was at Blaine’s 2012 Burning Man festival that he first learned about the importance of burning Man. “I was having this conversation with a friend,” he tells me, “and the conversation got really personal, and she was talking about Burning Man and the idea of a community spirit that would arise, and that’s when it struck me.” The next year, he and his friends spent 2.5 weeks burning Man.

After Burning Man, Blaine spent eight years touring extensively, traveling and recording with his band, David Blaine and the Good Omens. Blaine has also spoken at universities and universities abroad, including one event at the University of Alberta – where he was the featured speaker in 2012. Blaine is also the creator of the “Eco Warrior,” a series of videos demonstrating how Burning Man is used for “creative exploration.” He also has a popular book of poetry titled “David Blaine: The Poetic Journey.” He was inducted into the Poetic Valley Writers’ Guild in 2013, and he was named one of the most influential people in the world by Time magazine. He has won the prestigious Arthur C. Clarke Humanitarian Award, which, among other awards, recognized his dedication to service to humanity.

He’s also been known to help out with Burning Man at large, including the Burning Man festival for the Reno community, which he co-founded. “I’ve never known any community to have so much community spirit … I can imagine a situation where you have a community where everybody is in one place and everyone’s sharing things, and that would be amazing,” he says. “But that doesn’t happen.”

Blaine’s new book, “The Art of Movement: How to Create a Spiritual Presence in the World”—which he’s been calling a compendium of the art of moving in space, and an introduction to a whole new field of meditation—comes out July 4

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How does David Blaine do his magic? – Easy Magic Tricks To Do With Playing Cards
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