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You will need to be close enough to the subject to create a close up. This is not a technique to go out and find it. Many books and manuals say to get in line at a mall, or a coffee shop. This will not work. The closest person you can get to the person should be in the line. You will do the magic, the person will look at you with a look of surprise on their face, and you will do your magic. Be very direct about everything you are doing.

What are the three most frequently broken rules of close-up magic?

No more than 3 people in a circle can see each other. No two people will touch each other directly. No two people should ever feel the power of close up magic until one of them is “killed” with a small white piece of cloth dipped in ink. The magic should start at one person, and then all three of you should move in the same direction. This is a very simple idea; it was done using “Magic, The Movie.”

Why do close ups look so much like the movies?

Close up looks are based upon what people generally expect from the movies. It is a very good idea to do the magic in a very small space and to control the angle where they are looking so that they won’t watch a “scene” unfold through a bunch of eyes.

How do I know I have a good chance of achieving this?

This is something you should talk to your friends and family. You must be sure that they are able to do the same. It takes practice, and if you do all the work correctly, you should be able to have a great close up.

Are there any tricks that will never work on me?

No trick (or anything that doesn’t work) is safe to use. As soon as you do something that doesn’t seem to work, stop and do it over. It’s better to do your magic wrong than do it right.

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How does close up magic work? – Magic Tricks Zach King On Youtube
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