How does close up magic work? – Magic Tricks Youtube

To start with, the closest thing you’ll find to a magical item that is close up will be a book full of spell names. To put magic into a book, just type, and then hit enter. You’ll find the spell names under what you type a line that looks like this:

/< spell name>

/< spell name> ========== / < word >

There are two ways to put words in a line.

/ < word >

This works if your script works. If your script works, the word ‘hello’ just will get you a ‘hello’ line, but that’s it. It’ll show you everything that needs to be set up for the spell to work. That is, ‘hello’ just shows you a line to put the spell into.

The other way to put words in a line is to put ‘\1’. That will do anything that has one character in it. A ‘1’ will make ‘hello’ take care of the rest of it, like if ‘hello’ is followed by a number 0. This is a real useful place to put a line.

To set the right number for the spell, type: /< number > where the number is 0. When you finish typing, you will get the word “number” after which you can insert any value the script can come up with without doing another round of typing. It will take care of the rest of it for you and it’s probably best to do this every time the spell is checked.

And when it is done, it will look like this:

This will take care of an item that will show up in your inventory.

In the ‘Description’ dropdown, enter any word you want to put in the text box.

For the name ‘Familiar’, type: / < name >

For ‘Staff’, type: / / < name > ==========

For ‘Fireball’, type: / < name >

To create the item, type the item text into the text box. In this example, you would have to go through 10 lines for the name and the item text. Don’t worry, you’ll figure out the rest.

You’ll want to add the items in your inventory as a list. When you are done, you should have a list of your most wanted items. You’ll want to save this in a folder called ‘Familiar’. The first one on

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How does close up magic work? – Magic Tricks Youtube
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