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When you enter a mental world, it is all about connecting to the mental realm. And while our knowledge of the world is limited, and we don’t want to get left behind, we’ll always want to connect our thoughts to it. As a Mentalist you’ll learn, from one thing to another, exactly how you can get more in touch with the mental realm around you.

As a Mentalist you’ll have access to some very powerful tools that you can use to understand what your thinking is up to. A Mentalist can create powerful ways of connecting what they are thinking to what is going on in the mental realm. These tools will help you be more in touch with your thoughts, and also understand the mental realm a lot quicker.

So how does a mentalist do it?

We will talk about how to connect with the mental realm in this chapter. We will also walk through some techniques that will make it easy to go deeper in your understanding.

But first, lets consider something a bit more common in the modern world. People who are working in the mental realm for long periods of time.

The ‘Sleeping’ Mentalist

In most cases, mentalists who do this work do it for quite a bit of time. Most people think of someone who is simply sleeping all the time.

But what they’re not doing is thinking. These people are not in touch with the thought patterns and thoughts that is going through their mind at any given point in time. The mentalists we are trying to learn about in this chapter should not be sleeping at all. They should be doing their best not to get disconnected from what is going on… but rather trying to connect with it.

How can we say that about someone actually sleeping? They are doing the best they can to stay in touch with the thoughts that is going through their mind and not try and move away from it.

The first step is identifying when it is time to sleep. Most of us will start sleeping, even if we don’t consciously want to. You may be tempted to get out of bed, or maybe you just want to go to sleep.
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The problem with this is that when you are thinking, you will think a lot. And you’ll think all sorts of things. You know that you are going to die. You know you may lose your job. It may be that you will go bankrupt because you’re not making enough money to get your needs met. Some

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How does a mentalist do it? – Magic Tricks Zach King Food
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