How do you palm a coin? – How To Do Super Cool Magic Tricks

A. Palm is a very complex word for an action performed in the palm of an opponent’s hand.

Q. What do you call a bank in a gambling game? A. A bank.

Q. Which type of man would you choose if you were a judge? A. A good judge because she is fair, intelligent and impartial.

Q. What’s the first word you would use to describe you? A. I can take care of myself.

Q. Describe something that reminds you of your family. A. My family is very important to me.

Q. Describe something that is difficult to do like jumping over a glass floor

Q. Do you have a favorite restaurant? A. I have a lot of favorite foods. I eat lots and lots of Italian and Asian food.

Q. If you could play any individual sport, which one would you choose? A. I have a lot of fun playing sports. My favorite sport is skateboarding. Other sports are baseball and football. (All italics added to better read their questions.)

“I know I have a lot of fun,” said Kelly, who earned $11 million last year after earning more than $16 million in the previous season.

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How do you palm a coin? – How To Do Super Cool Magic Tricks
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