Can you levitate a person with magnets? – Best Magic Tricks Revealed Cardstock

A few years ago I read an interesting article about a man who was able to levitate a man through a series of magnetic fields.

Here is the article in full, along with the guy who levitated the man in it.

What do you think?

(I would love to hear how much higher you are able to levitate someone)

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With the opening of the Toronto Zoo’s new, all-female giraffe colony, a new challenge is confronting Toronto Public Library staff as they prepare to house the animals: female gorilla.

Kerim’s great love, a male, had to retire in a male gorilla habitat and be taken care of by a caretaker, said Margaret Gorman, the library’s zoo mammal program manager, who is familiar with the current situation with the female gorillas.

Kerim’s female counterpart, Kerim Nguesso, is one of the zoo’s rare females — a rare animal that is actually female, Gorman said. The other female, Gorilla-K, is one of only a few female gorillas in the world.

Kerim Nguesso the female gazelle (left), an orphaned female born in captivity to parents that were orphaned with a troop of four other children after being caught in a minefield, who recently relocated to Toronto’s Toronto Zoo. (CBC )

“So that was just kind of disappointing to hear,” Gorman said of news of the retirement.

“I don’t know what was going through the female gorilla’s head,” she added, referring to the lack of maternal bonding between the zoo couple, Kerim and Ani — who is now being housed on a separate compound. But she expects the zoo gorilla couples will reunite once those gorillas are ready to mate in a male

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Can you levitate a person with magnets? – Best Magic Tricks Revealed Cardstock
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