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Can a teller tell? Can a teller have a story? Can a teller be funny? A teller is not just an interpreter but a storyteller. An interpreter is a narrator, someone who narrates the other person’s story.” — Michael H. White, “The Meaning of Life”, Chapter 14 in “The Meaning of Speech”, p. 28

“As I looked at those people standing around me I had the feeling, in the dark, that they weren’t just a part of the group watching but also were somehow a part of the community. My own group or their group. They were strangers to me, but I didn’t see the difference. I felt part of the same circle. I looked at those who were in our midst and they were also strangers to me, but what they had in common was that they were not there to make friends with me.” — Elizabeth Gilbert

“Do you understand? Don’t you want to be friends with people?” — David Sedaris

“When we look back at our lives and look at them from the perspective of our present selves, and then look back to our future selves, we find that our life in this one brief moment is like a dream.” — Albert Camus

“When I was a teenager, my friend Bob and I used to watch a lot of movies together. He loved ‘The Sound of Music’, and I didn’t – so for the most part I didn’t see him through the eyes of the character in his own life, but through the eyes of the one he was watching.” — Jonathan Franzen

“If you’ve ever wondered how somebody in love works, this is the story.” — Neil Gaiman, on love

“I’m more a listener and a speaker than anything else; for me, that’s music.” — The Raconteurs, on listening to music

“Laughter is a tool with meaning. It can mean a thousand things, from the silliness of a child to the profound wisdom that comes from a great poet.” — The Raconteurs, on the value of laughter and its effects

“People are always saying that what we learn from our experience of death is not something we should be too quick to use in our work for fear of looking too closely at what’s going to happen the next day. To paraphrase, that is why the dead are so scary, why the future is such a black box. We should know what lies ahead because we

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Can a teller speak? – Magic Trickstroom Troom
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