Month: September 2020

What is the oldest magic organization? – Magic Trick Revealed Levitation Trick

The oldest magic organization is the S.I.E.’s [Secret Intelligence Agency]. It’s older, because they are still living, but now there’s also the A.E.L.I. [Armed Forces Intelligence Agency] and also the W.I.N. [World Intelligence Network]. When we think about magic, the first thing that come to our mind are the ancient Egyptians. After that, we go […]

Is telekinesis a real thing? – Cool Magic Tricks To Learn Just Hands And Feet

Yes. The brain can create a forcefield to ward off evil spirits. And it can also telekinetically lift objects and people. The phenomenon could be considered some sort of teleportation. Telekinesis is a kind of mental power that involves the mind. It’s something that is practiced in some of the best countries from all around […]

How does magic work? – Magic Tricks Revealed America’s Got Talent In Hindi

I have three theories: 1. The universe is more than one dimension. There’s a time continuum that spans dimensions. The universe can grow to be several hundred billion kilometers across, while the “Big Bang” or singularity can exist below that. The universe can expand infinitely in all directions. You may also be able to see […]

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