Why is playing the violin so hard? – Learn Violin Strings

Because the violin is very very heavy and very very cumbersome. So every time someone plays a piece on the violin they have to make lots of motions to get the bow and strings to the proper place, to get that tension right. So if you try to play a piece and you try to do it with your arm, you might hit your arm on the way up or you might hit your wrist on the way down, or everything. And then it takes all of six seconds on a piece to play it. So it would be very, very difficult for a person to play it.

The other reason is because you are playing on a very sensitive instrument, the string. You don’t want to cause any damage with the string that’s going toward your hand, so it’s very difficult to play the violin while it’s wound around you.

How does playing the violin compare to playing the drums, or the piano, or other instruments?

It’s very similar for musicians, but it’s actually a lot easier — because there are no moving parts on the piano. With the drums you have the bass drum, drum set, cymbal, and all the various instruments. With the violin, it’s very simple. It all just rests on the strings. With the drums, when you play the whole song you have to keep in mind that the cymbal is going to come flying off, because if you hit a cymbal hard the whole drum set will fly off the end of it. With the violin there’s no way you can hit the strings in order to get a lot of tension out.

How long does playing the violin take?

I do it over three nights, and it takes me five to maybe seven hours to get ready. Usually it’s done before the day of the first performance.

I’m assuming that you don’t take breaks during your performance. So how do you take breaks during an evening performance?

Well, actually I don’t do anything really special for breaks. If I’m at home I probably just do my homework, which is probably about 10 to 12 hours. Then I come and take a shower, wash my hands, and go to bed. Sometimes I’ll eat some fruit and get my sleep. It’s kind of like a normal routine.

What is your favorite piece that you perform?

My favorite piece is “Honey, I Can’t Dance,” by Richard Wagner. But there are so many very good pieces that

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Why is playing the violin so hard? – Learn Violin Strings
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