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This is a tough one because there are so many! I’ll try not to do too many of them for this contest, but I’m sure you’ll find one you’re particularly drawn to. There are many that I love, and this is not the most beautiful of them. But still pretty good! The most beautiful guitar I remember playing was the one that had lots and lots of rosewood inlay and a pretty-good maple body. I still have this guitar in its original box and even though it’s not perfect, the beautiful rosewood feels just like the day it was made and it plays really well! That was the day that the beauty of a wood guitar became important to me. Also, I really think that the tone was something that took about six months to get used to from playing the guitar in front of a player before I got the hang of it. I wasn’t a “natural” player at the time, I just got what worked for me and did something with it. The biggest surprise of all was the fact that I didn’t start playing with a different scale! I played “the old” scale that used to be used in a couple of my country songs, and then I got into the scales that I grew up playing, one of which I haven’t been able to play in quite some time – the standard, “jazz” scale. And, of course, at the time I was still an extremely new guitarist, so I had to learn a whole new set of scales! That’s what it was all about, getting the hang of whatever style that you like. As a solo guitar player I was really comfortable, but I’d say that at the time that I began to practice and play my own songs I was probably the most comfortable I’d been all my life in almost any style of music! To me, it seemed like the key was just to take a step at a time and let your fingers do the work. I don’t think I’ve ever been at a point where I was just “at it,” and I think it’s a pretty good skill for everyone to have. As far as the most beautiful instrument goes, I think it’s a simple guitar: the Stratocaster.

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Favorite instruments? The most beautiful instrument I’ve ever played was definitely a guitar made about fifty years ago, that I bought new in 1975, by my old buddy Tony Iommi. That was a real treat to play and I love that guitar so much. I’m a really big fan of the

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What the most beautiful instrument? – Learn Piano For Kids Numbers Learning
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