Is the violin the hardest instrument to learn? – Learn Violin App

A violin player starts with basic music theory and exercises. They then practice by putting on one and playing it for themselves. They need to play a piece that the teacher likes. After a few weeks, in which they try to improve their skills, they perform a concert together with their teacher.

What does the teacher do in the first week?

The first week consists of a series of rehearsals that will prepare the student for the concert.

How long do they learn the instrument?

The student spends three years studying.

How does the violin change at any stage?

The violin has the most unique sound possible and is a very flexible instrument. Each student learns to play the violin differently, based on the type of music they love. The more advanced students can play at more advanced levels.
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How much would I need to learn to play the violin?

Once you have acquired the knowledge, you can start playing the violin in an apartment. The prices on this page are for a single violin. The equipment costs vary depending on what type of violin you use and how high the standard is. If you want to buy the best equipment for your particular style of playing, check out the pricing of the best manufacturers.

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Is the violin the hardest instrument to learn? – Learn Violin App
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