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The Italian company has a wide range of instruments including violins, oboes, saxophones, cellos, and basses, made of metal, wood, plastic, wood, and resin. In fact, Yamaha has been producing stringed instruments at the factory in Rome since 1770. They have a number of models for beginners and intermediate players. These instruments range from around 1,000 euros to 1,300 euros. Check out Yamaha’s products at their website HERE.

Waves Violins

Waves has created three basses for bassists: the M5, the M8, and the W5. They sell these instruments at the same price as what you would pay at a Yamaha store.


Tuba is an affordable brand that’s easy for beginners to pick up. It has a simple to play body, with a simple and beautiful design, with a wide, comfortable, and lightweight instrument. It is made of basswood, and has a lightweight and comfortable sound. It’s not as expensive as other models, but it is not cheap either. If you want to check out more Tuba music, check out the brand’s website at . You will learn more about the Tuba brand as you go through this entire guide to Yamaha’s bass offerings HERE.

Yamaha Bass Guitars

Yamaha offers several bass lineups: the M50 bass, the M10 bass, the M11 bass, and the M15 bass. The most popular is the M20, where a lot of bassists prefer to play. Yamaha doesn’t offer models of this model, but you can find these models at most music shops.

Yamaha Bass Instruments

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Does Yamaha make violins? – How To Teach Violin Online Store
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