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And what about pianos, keyboards — what kinds of repairs can be done?

There are different types of warranty, too, including one that covers all-in-one (Ai) systems (a category of products) and a more typical system of warranties for piano/kazoo/drums/guitar/bass guitars (also known as “microcomputers”).

Ai systems that include electronics (such as the digital video recorder) are more likely to be subject to damage, but are less likely to have a lifetime warranty. Examples: the iPod®, Sony Walkman® and the Microsoft® Xbox.

Microcomputers such as the IBM System/360, Motorola 68k, and Apple II.

So, the answer to all these questions is not entirely clear. The answer is that there are several things you can and should do in order to ensure the long-term protection of your computer. (That is, for those computers with a digital video recorder and video/audio cassette recorders, not for those without.) They include:

Replacing all original and damaged components, as appropriate, and including replacing floppy disks, hard disks, hard drive cartridges, CD-ROM, CD-ROM-ROM, and CD-R disk drives;

Refurbishing your computer with a brand-new, brand-new, brand-new or improved computer. This may involve restoring the computer to an earlier version than the model with which you purchased it. In addition, if the computer is sold as a kit with one or more add-on items such as CD-ROM or CD-R, replacing the floppy disks or moving the CD-ROM/CD-ROM disc to another compartment on the computer;

Replacing your computer’s components to ensure they are of good quality;

Performing periodic, independent tests to ensure any components of your computer are in good condition.

If you have no plans to use your computer for about five years after having it, your only possible recourse at that point is to replace the components and then move on. Your best choice would be that you replace the CD-ROM/CD-ROM disc and move on; if you are not planning on using your computer for three to five years after it has been repaired, you might try something else.

There seems to be a misconception by many readers that a defective computer must have a defect “beyond repair” to be subject to a warranty. Some readers are not aware

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Do violin strings expire? – How To Learn Violin Sinhala Songs
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