Can you learn violin at any age? – Learn Piano Notes For Beginners

Not at all. The first violin I learned was for about $15. For me, it was one big lesson in humility, what really makes music what it is. I’d say that was about a year or two ago, before my wife was able to learn to hold the violin. I’d say that’s about two hours of a good, good violin lesson.

Is there a lesson you’ve taken away from violin that you will always remember from that day?

I can’t say that one thing would be that one thing. But the whole thing was learning humility and what it really is. So I really didn’t have time to think about it until the day. A lot of my early learning when I had no time, I tried different things that didn’t seem to connect that well. But I was always a kid. I had an excuse for what happened, and I just kept taking it.

I could pick any six lessons, and it’s a whole different story when you’re older.
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Right. When I was young, I would take lessons from my grandmother, or from the violin teacher at St. Nicholas School. That was a lot more fun, and I learned more. But with every other violin coach and instructor, I would go to another teacher when I needed a lesson, and if I went to a new teacher and there was nothing there, I was like, “Well, there’s nothing there to teach me.” So I learned with teachers I’d go back to if I needed something.

In the beginning, I just wanted to take it easy. I didn’t know how to read music, and I’d be playing to myself.

I’m not sure how “easy” this is for you because for so many years you had a piano instructor?

Yes. I’d go to my dad’s place for a lesson and we’d practice piano every day because I wanted to learn to play it. So he used to work on piano. And then he’d bring me to our music-classes and he’d just help me with playing, and he’d bring me to other classes, and he’d teach me the songs and show me that when I played, it was really cool.

I remember when he was at these other music classes, he had a big poster of some famous music teachers and he’d point it out for me every time I’d play a song and tell me how, what I should do. That’s the whole beginning, when

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Can you learn violin at any age? – Learn Piano Notes For Beginners
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