Can I start learning violin at 20? – How To Learn Piano Notes Easily Digested

Not at all. It’s very hard to get out of the “wasted year” – to have to spend three years in music school and then spend three years in orchestra, to know enough to play at professional level, to feel like you can do the first class or the first rehearsal. But once you’ve had those experiences, it makes sense to take a break and you don’t have to have a passion for playing at the same time. But you’ve probably noticed that the majority of musicians I know don’t do either of those things, they just play with the intent to get an A.

You should be careful who you choose to learn violin. Even the violin teachers are not trained in teaching you how to do it. You are likely to get a very bad education with a really bad teacher (there are plenty of them).

There is no excuse for not learning your instrument. Just because I say “do it now” does not mean that you are not responsible for yourself. Do not let anyone take away those skills. Go with the flow and take it slow. The more people who know how to learn the instrument and can teach it, who can help with you to develop your own violin playing skills, the better off you’ll be. That will become something you don’t just do “because I can” anymore. You will know. But you will never feel comfortable unless you have that confidence of your own abilities for your own music.

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Can I start learning violin at 20? – How To Learn Piano Notes Easily Digested
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