What do professional video editors use? – Video Techniques For Shooting

At Bamboozle we use several software packages to get the job done (for example, Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro). However, if you’re thinking of trying out Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, you’ve come to the right place. Adobe doesn’t actually make an editor’s edition of Premiere Pro or Premiere Pro CC. Instead, you buy one of their high-quality programs (with the same name as the software package). In many cases, a professional video editor will even recommend a certain application based on its user interface (i.e., whether it helps with your particular editing job), which might be in the form of “best by” dates, reviews, user ratings, or a host of other factors. In some cases, you’ll find that the program you choose will actually work better than your original choice, because the software has been “enhanced”—i.e., it has been custom-built for use with the specific application in question.

Note that a video editor’s choice of editing application will typically depend on personal preference. There are plenty of editors who don’t use Premiere but prefer a third-party application, or who don’t use Premiere at all. Likewise, if you’re looking for a certain software package, you won’t go wrong with one that the editor recommends. That’s because, even as the “brand” is sold to the reader, the author isn’t selling their own software. The author, however—whether they be Adobe, Microsoft, or some other company—is selling you something with a brand behind it.

So even if you’re reading about how to use Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, you’re still reading an advertisement. That’s a good thing. If it sounds like the article isn’t written by the editor, it might also be that the article is written by someone who hasn’t been using one of Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro’s applications.

But the thing about the articles about Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro that aren’t written by Adobe—that are marketed to non-Adobe editors—is that Adobe isn’t really telling you anything new about the technology. After all, when it doesn’t make sense to you yet, Adobe’s still giving you the information in a way that will make it work for you, regardless. That’s how it works from Microsoft’s side of things. Adobe might not make good software, but they’re also not trying to sell you something that’s going to turn your editor blue.


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What do professional video editors use? – Video Techniques For Shooting
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