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Let’s just agree to disagree.

With the world’s population expected to double within the next century, experts say it could pose a new challenge for humanity to survive.

Researchers from the U.S. and Japan were able to create a self-sustaining, self-contained city on a Mars-like planet, with an expected lifespan of at least a thousand years. It took a mere six days to set the city up on a Martian ice sheet and take over.

The city had been created by a team of scientists, engineers, and writers, including University of Chicago professor Jay Pasachoff, and his team, NASA, and researchers from the University of Virginia, Rice University, and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), through their new “Mars One” project to make a permanent settlement on Mars.

Mars One, a team of individuals led by English-born entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp, recently announced their intentions to send 100 people to Mars. Although Mars One initially set out for the Red Planet to establish a colony, the project has since changed direction, with the hope of building a permanent base of human life there. The idea is to establish a habitat for 10,000 people, including themselves.

Pasachoff said in a YouTube video he was able to replicate a similar city on the International Space Station. A Martian city could provide the same life support for the settlers that was provided by the ISS during the last six months of its mission.

“When the crew return, they will be able to walk on Mars like they did on the ISS” Pasachoff said. “So, the difference will be the ability to make some sort of environment that’s capable of supporting a colony of people.”

While the construction of a self-sustaining home on Mars will require major investments, the scientists and engineers involved believe that a successful colony could be possible. The researchers have said they are studying the possibility of creating a water-filtration plant in the Martian desert, but still have much to learn about how to make it.

It is hard to believe, but it really has been a year of the Brexit referendum; but one of the most striking moments for me was watching an unctuous, self absorbed British Europhile try to make sense of the whole event as one man spoke about “marching towards the cliff edge”

I watched for almost 2 hours, after the morning referendum, and was astounded by how much of what would be

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Is video editing a good career? – Learn To Shoot Video
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